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Image by Дмитрий Хрусталев-Григорьев

Sustainable energy economy

– our 3+2 pillars

As the Club of Rome already established in 1972, the sustainable economy essentially consists of three aspects: Efficiency, composition and sufficiency of energy consumed.


Our 3+2 pillars

As the Club of Rome noted in its groundbreaking report on the future of mankind, “The Limits to Growth”, back in 1972, a sustainable energy economy essentially consists of 3 aspects: the efficiency, composition and the sufficiency of energy. Conventional heating systems (convection heating) do not meet any of these 3 requirements. Conventional radiant heating only meets the first two pillars (1 + 2).

The SALT VITALHEATER fulfils all requirements of a sustainable energy economy. Because sustainable heating alone was not enough for us, we have expanded the 3-pillar concept of the Club of Rome with two 2 additional pillars (4 + 5): planned longevity (pillar 4) and a real circular economy (pillar 5).


Graphic: "The three pillars of the sustainable energy economy" is based on a graphic by Earlybird. License: CC BY-SA 4.0

The 3 pillars:

1.    Energy efficiency (energy saving design concept)

2.    Energy consistency (use of green energy)

3.    Energy sufficiency (needs-oriented use of energy)

Our 3+2 pillars

for a sustainable energy economy

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