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The light form for well-being.

A jewel for your well-being

Individual. Elegant. And exclusive.

A SALT VITALWALL is not only eye-catching, it also impresses with its technical refinement. Your SALT VITALWALL combines innovative infrared warmth with the natural storage capacity and spectacular, indirect glow of salt from the Himalayas.

The salt bricks, made from fair trade salt produced by small salt manufacturers in Pakistan, glow in colour from yellow to red. They are carefully handcrafted into form in Austria, resulting in design objects that are individual and very special.

Thanks to additional LED lighting, this is an impressive, eye-catching lighting design during the summer months. And in winter you can enjoy the special radiance of the SALT VITALWALL with its comfortable warmth and cosy lighting, and relax in the pleasant atmosphere it creates in the room.

Best for hotel lobbies, spas and other spaces.

Individual Design

Design as you imagine

This jewel comes in two technical design options: as an unheated SALTWALL and as the heated SALT VITALWALL with an infrared unit and LED lamps.

Order your SALT VITALWALL by square meter*. Please let us know the dimensions of your new SALT VITALWALL and the dimensions of the desired side elements. If you would like greater clearance, additional costs will be charged at the square meter price. After placing your order, you will receive a design drawing and a cost estimate from us. Your SALT VITALWALL can be set up quickly and easily using our SALADOR plug-together system.

On customer request:

Free assembly, excluding travel cost - EU-wide.

*Minimum order quantity: 4 m2.



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