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The light form for well-being.

The light form for


Perfectly shaped. Elegant. And exclusive.

A SALT VITALHEATER is not only eye-catching, it also impresses with its technical refinement. Your SALT VITALHEATER combines innovative infrared warmth with the natural storage capacity and spectacular, indirect glow of salt from the Himalayas.

The salt bricks, made from fair trade salt produced by small salt manufacturers in Pakistan, glow in colour from yellow to red. They are carefully handcrafted into form in Austria, resulting in design objects that are individual and very special.

Thanks to additional LED lighting, the SALT VITALHEATER is an impressive, eye-catching lighting design during the summer months.


And in winter you can enjoy the special radiance of the SALT VITALHEATER with its comfortable warmth and cosy lighting, and relax in the pleasant atmosphere it creates in the room.

Our all-rounders for those who love form.


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