No matter how you look at it, a SALT VITALHEATER with its modern heating technology prevails over any other type of heating system. Because with conventional heating systems, the air is heated and a lot of dust is stirred up.

The SALT VITALHEATER emits infrared rays that penetrate the air, heating walls and objects in the room. Everything that is heated thus becomes itself a large surface heating system.

As soon as the infrared heating lamp is put into operation you immediately feel the pleasant infrared radiation heat. After one hour the heater is fully warmed up and theĀ  energy supply may be reduced by up to 85 percent. The comfortable heat radiation is reduced only slightly. Enjoy having warm feet and a cool head.


+Your SALT VITALHEATER ensures a pleasant and soothing warmth that also saves heating costs. This is how easy it is:
+ Fully heat the SALT VITALHEATER or the SALT VITALWALL for approximately one hour. The salt bricks reach a temperture of up to 95 degrees centigrade.
+ Then dim your heater between 300 and 500 watts. Power consumption is decreased by the reduced wattage by up to approximately 85 percent.
+ Although the intensity of the heat radiation has decreased only slightly your heater still radiates a pleasant and cosy warmth for hours even with only a few watts.
+ This physical phenomenon has been proven by Wien's Displacement Law.
+ In the event the outside temperature drops siginificantly below zero centigrade, the heater will after a few hours only needed to be reheated for ten minutes.

Your innovative infrared heating system
with the great maritime climate.

Patented technology. Patent number EU 3001119.
Handmade in Austria.
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