Perfectly shaped. Elegant. And exclusive.
A SALT-VITALHEATER is not only an eye-catcher, it is also impressive with its technical features. The heater combines the innovative infrared warmth with its natural storage capacity and the spectacular indirect light of salt from the Himalayas.

The salt bricks which are made from fair-traded salt and produced by small salt manufacturers in Pakistan glow in color from yellow to red.  Bricks are carefully handcrafted in Austria resulting in individual and very unique designed objects.

The SALT-VITALHEATER captivates as an eye-catching light form during the summer months by virtue of its additional LED features. Enjoy the special radiance with its comforting warmth, cosy light and pleasant room climate in winter.



+ Your SALT VITALHEATER is a solid, stable and long-lasting heat source.
+ Installation is simple.  A power outlet with an earth ground is sufficient.
+ Modern infrared lamps depending on the model can absorb between 300 watts and 2,000 watts which is effectively converted into heat energy.
+ An efficient enery supply keeps operating costs low.  The heater warms up once heated even at a low output from 300 to 500 watts (Wien's Displacement Law).
+ You enjoy the heat immediately after switching the unit on.
+ Your SALT VITALHEATER is handcrafted in Austria. The precious natural material Himalayan salt is processed in a workshop in Klagenfurt with the greatest care and a high degree of craftmanship.
+ Only the best and when possible natural materials are used from reasonable trade sources keeping in line with our company philosophy.
+ The infrared rays provide a cosy campfire romantic atmosphere in winter.  During the summer the snow-white LED illumination creates a pleasantly frosty feeling.
+  Your SALT VITALHEATER is designed for longevity and based on the  Cradle2Cradle principle may be recycled.

Your innovative infrared heating system
with the great maritime climate.

Patented technology. Patent number EU 3001119.
Handmade in Austria.
EU-wide shopping and shipping.