As the Club of Rome noted in its groundbreaking report on the future of mankind, The Limits to Growth, back in 1972, a sustainable energy economy essentially consists of 3 aspects: the efficiency, consistency and the sufficiency of energy.


The 3 pillars

1. Energy efficiency (energy-saving concept)

2. Energy consistency (use of green energy)

3. Energy sufficiency (needs-based use)

Conventional heating systems (convection heating) do not meet any of these 3 requirements. Conventional radiant heating only meets the first two pillars (1 + 2).


The SALT VITALHEATER fulfills all requirements of a sustainable energy economy.


Because sustainable heating alone was not enough for us, we have expanded the 3-pillar concept of the Club of Rome with the two 2 additional pillars (4 + 5):

Pillar # 4

Planned longevity (modular design)


Each part can be replaced


replaced parts are repaired by us whenever possible and reintegrated into the product cycle


Pillar # 5

Real circular economy (cradle2cradle principle)


Our heaters are 98% recyclable


through the use of recyclable raw materials

we achieve a recycling rate of 98%


3+2 pillars

 graph: "3+2 Pillars of a Sustainable Energy Economy" by SALZ+SALZ based on the graph: "Die drei Säulen nachhaltiger Energiewirtschaft" by Earlybird. license: CC BY-SA 4.0 

We live innovative sustainability at its best!


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