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The light form for natural well-being.

Innovation meets beauty.

Our SALT VITALHEATER combines innovative infrared warmth with the natural storage capacity of Himalayan salt.

Our all-rounders for those who love form.

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The classics with a head start.


Without a base for Cubists


Compact for Minimalists


Natural for Naturalists.

Smart heating for your home.

Your SALT VITALHEATER is a solid, stable and long-lasting source of warmth that you can enjoy immediately after you have switched it on. The IR heating lamps create a cosy and romantic "campfire" atmosphere in winter. In summer, the snow-white LED lighting conveys a pleasant, cooling feel in the space.


The SALT VITALHEATER is handmade in Austria. The precious, natural Himalayan salt has been crafted with the utmost care and for a large part by hand in our workshop in Klagenfurt, Austria. Only the finest natural materials are used – whenever possible from fair trade. This is in keeping with our company philosophy.

Simply smart.

Other features that make our


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Maritime climate at home

When warmed, the attractive salt bricks release salt particles into the air, creating a gentle maritime climate in your home.


Like an IR cabin

High-performance infrared heating lamps are integrated into your

SALT VITALHEATER. These have a positive effect on body and soul much like an infrared cabin.

Simply fast.

Salz-Vitalofen Puls 4 Investment Show 2M2M

Foto: (c) PULS 4/ Gerry Frank


Our appearance on the investment show 2M2M from Puls 4.


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